News Needs a Human Element

NPR recently ran a story pitting one of its reporters against a computer programmed to write a news story.

The computer wrote its story faster, but the result was an utterly bland recitation of facts.  NPR reporter Scott Horsley’s story had sparkle and context. As a discerning reader, I know which of the two I prefer.

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KSU junior creates, sells sustainable startup

KENNESAW — Business students everywhere dream of launching and selling their own startup companies. Jett Hattaway has already achieved that goal — all while still in school at Kennesaw State University. Hattaway, a 23-year-old KSU accounting major, co-founded Bright Idea Energy Solutions in July 2013. Atlanta-based Velo Solar snapped up the Marietta-based company in March.


03.12.15 – Velo Solar News Release

Velo Solar News Release 03.12.15  pdf_icon


Company offers harmonizing energy services for maximum savings

Atlanta, GA – Velo Solar, the innovative energy solutions company, has acquired Bright Idea Energy LLC, an efficient lighting and energy consulting company, Velo Solar Chief Operations Officer Keith Berger announced today.

The combined company offers a full range of pioneering energy options for home and business that combine to make modern energy needs significantly more affordable in the market’s rapidly rising costs. Bright Idea founder Jett Hattaway and will remain with the company.

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09.04.14 – Velo Solar News Release

Velo Solar News Release 09.04.14 pdf_icon


New partner guides company expansion in growing solar market

Atlanta, GA – Growth management specialist Keith Berger has joined the team at Velo Solar to guide the company’s expansion in the growing U.S. solar market.
Formed in 2013 as a strategic spinoff of Empower Energy Technology, Velo Solar brings the well-honed ability of a team of experienced energy engineers and solar developers to every project.

Velo offers its clients a wealth of knowledge in the most cost-effective techniques and equipment selection. The certified professionals at Velo Solar use the best data and network to evaluate and produce solar installations that perform safely and effectively to reduce energy costs for their clients.

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