Atlanta, GA – Solar racking and pile manufacturer Brilliant Rack is launching its brand new pricing guarantee that offers EPCs and developers welcome relief from installation change orders.

With just these three elements of project information, Brilliant Rack now can provide a quote for solar racking and piles guaranteed not to change during installation:


  • Geotechnical analysis of soil, terrain and moisture
  • Site details and location where racking and piles will be installed
  • Tilt angle for solar panels

Price stability is important to solar projects, where budget margins are essential to a successful installation. With Brilliant Rack’s new price guarantee, budget control gets easier. Racking and piles won’t generate any change orders.

Brilliant Rack is the only racking company offering this price guarantee. Already a leading supplier of high-quality, customized solar racking and piles, Brilliant Rack now extends its commitment to unsurpassed customer service with its price guarantee.

Patrick Hutchinson, president of Brilliant Rack, said this is just one more way the company can partner with its customers to ensure its top quality products won’t come with any unknowns.

“Brilliant Rack understands how important budget restraint is to project success, and how change orders can disrupt cash flow,” he said. “So, in addition to providing our durable, customized racking and piles, we want to help our customers keep their projects financially strong and secure.”

Brilliant Rack also can offer customers geotechnical analysis services from its expert engineers if they prefer. These experienced professionals can test soil, moisture, terrain and climate conditions for rack and pile designs that will ensure each installation enjoys maximum durability and effective generation for the life of the project.

Brilliant Rack provides solar racking and foundation solutions for ground-mount solar projects. As foundation experts, the company partners with customers to design and deliver the perfect solution to ensure the structural integrity of their solar projects based on specific site conditions. Easy-to-install, fixed-tilt racking solutions from Brilliant Rack simplify and accelerate installation – drastically reducing costs and ensuring long-term performance.

Successful solar installations start with Brilliant Rack’s durable foundations. For more information, visit It’s simply smarter.

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