Atlanta, GA – BEKO Technologies’ renovation of its eight-year-old plant in Atlanta earlier this year provided perfect timing to tap Velo Solar’s expertise for a 100 kW rooftop solar installation.

The recently completed project will lower BEKO USA’s power bill by as much as 20 percent at the plant where they manufacture and sell components and systems worldwide for an optimized compressed air quality. This installation also fulfills BEKO USA’s longstanding corporate commitment to financial and environmental sustainability.

   Tilo Fruth, president of the 25-year-old American subsidiary of German based BEKO Technologies GmbH, said Velo Solar was an easy choice for the job, bringing both financial and engineering expertise to the project along with highly competitive pricing.

“Velo Solar’s two-stage installation process was painless. We enjoyed working with their friendly staff and experienced installers,” Fruth said. “Velo was head and shoulders above anybody else in terms of getting the job done.”

Formed in 2014 as a strategic spinoff of Empower Energy Technology, Velo Solar brings the well-honed ability of a team of experienced energy engineers and solar developers to every project. Velo offers its clients a wealth of knowledge in the most cost-effective techniques, financial incentives and equipment selection. The certified professionals at Velo Solar use the best data and network to evaluate and produce solar installations that perform safely and effectively to reduce their customers’ power bills.

Velo Solar also offers ongoing assurance of top performance with its patented PowerEnfo energy monitoring platform. An easy, cloud-based energy management system, PowerEnfo offers real-time analysis of energy consumption and issues alerts when data indicates significant changes in system operation. This allows any problems that arise to be addressed before they become costly.

Mark Bell, president of Velo Solar, said BEKO Technologies chose an opportune time to make a solar commitment. The cost of solar installation has fallen 70 percent in the past 10 years, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Also, the recent extension of the 30 percent federal Investment Tax Credit offers companies a prime opportunity to save money on installation even as they anticipate lower power bills in the future.

“We are proud to help BEKO Technologies realize good value on their solar investment while fulfilling their corporate mission,” Bell said. “Their leadership on good corporate stewardship shows how companies prosper with a 21st Century approach to smart energy management.”

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