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New partner guides company expansion in growing solar market

Atlanta, GA – Growth management specialist Keith Berger has joined the team at Velo Solar to guide the company’s expansion in the growing U.S. solar market.
Formed in 2013 as a strategic spinoff of Empower Energy Technology, Velo Solar brings the well-honed ability of a team of experienced energy engineers and solar developers to every project.

Velo offers its clients a wealth of knowledge in the most cost-effective techniques and equipment selection. The certified professionals at Velo Solar use the best data and network to evaluate and produce solar installations that perform safely and effectively to reduce energy costs for their clients. As managing director for BlueWaters Investment Group, Berger brings 15 years of success at start-ups, turnarounds and business transformation to Velo Solar. Before joining BlueWaters, he held leadership positions at GE, Booz Allen Hamilton, Nokia, Blackberry and Endeavor Telecom. As an operating executive, Berger led initiatives for these companies that produced significant increases in product quality and revenues.

Berger will serve as Chief Operating Officer for Velo Solar as it grows with the dynamic market for solar energy in the U.S. Solar energy production nationwide increased 41 percent in 2013 over 2012, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. And that growth is projected to continue through 2014. In just the first quarter of this year, solar energy accounted for 74 percent of all new energy capacity in that period.

Georgia’s solar growth has been even more dramatic. In 2012, the state contained less than 20 megawatts of installed solar capacity. Today, Georgia produces more than 100 megawatts of solar energy. And that capacity is growing weekly. Falling costs for solar installation and special utility programs in Georgia are making solar an attractive option for consumers. The solar experts at Velo Solar are on the leading edge of this trend, helping clients understand the financial advantages solar energy can provide.

“This is a very exciting time to be in the solar energy business,” Berger said. “Velo Solar can offer the best technological know-how and quality customer service to its
clients. I look forward to helping the company achieve its potential as a trusted solar provider.”

Mark Bell, president of Empower Energy Technology, Velo Solar’s parent company, said Berger will provide Velo with the focus and efficiency that assures its ongoing dedication to the high-quality services at the core of its mission while the company achieves its market potential.

“Keith’s Six Sigma Black Belt capabilities can guide our growth in the most valuable ways, building our capacity to meet the growing demand for solar energy without diminishing the foundation of our company’s commitment to excellence,” Bell said.

Empower Energy Technology will continue its work on PowerEnfo, its Smart Grid application software, in addition to providing solar project development and engineering services, Bell said
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